10 Best Sources Of Free Organic Traffic 2019

10 Best Sources Of Free Organic Traffic 2019

Social media simply isn’t what it used to be. I mean, all the time we have a tendency to hear about algorithms, cutting the number followers that our posts or videos reach. It’s all well if you’re a longtime blogger, however what regarding smaller blogs or those who are simply starting? it would be a little bit discouraging if you’re a brand new blogger and only fetch few pages views a day. That’s why I plan to compile the list of useful websites that may help you grow your audience.

Here Are the List Of Best Sources Of Free Organic Traffic 2019

10 Best Sources Of Free Organic Traffic 2019

1. Quora

Are you on Quora? If Not then Register now  It’s literally my new social media addiction as I’m a small amount of a data hamster – I simply love searching for new things regarding personal development and different peoples experience. It’s particularly helpful when you have a particular question to ask and you need a true experience answer, not similar to associate encyclopedic answer. Plus, it’s a good platform to place yourself out there as an associate authority. If your answers catch a lot of peoples gazes, it’s simply natural they’d check up on your profile and your blog, especially if you answer queries in your niche. you’ll additionally link to your specific blog posts in your answer, that is super cool – just don’t abuse it as a result of it’ll ruin the fun for everyone.

2. Pinterest

I mean, it’s hard to search out a blogger that doesn’t use it for building an audience. It’s definitely my favorite supply of traffic. There areasure} numberless methods of the way to create the most of your Pinterest account and also the best I actually have ever tried (that fetched me nearly 2000 followers and 300+ saves each day) is this manual pinning strategy I actually have found on mommy purposely blog. it’s a paid resource, but it’s been price each penny since implementing it a couple of months past. It took my dead Pinterest account with a few hundred subscribers and became a traffic machine.

3. Facebook Groups

Another great way of obtaining some traffic on your side is contributive to the Blogger / Niche orientated Facebook group. respond to other queries, don’t be too aggressive with advertising your blog, keep pleasant and professional. place some time and energy into it and you’ll presently end up obtaining guest posting requests and crowdsourcing opportunities.

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a real thing. And the maximum amount, as I don’t pay attention to it that a lot of, I’m still making an attempt to boost, but the posts that I really hassle with that, bring quite a lot of traffic from Google. I mean, with the number of people daily who search on google for no matter they’re interested in is simply overwhelming – imagine, if you’ll simply get to the primary page of the trending search keyword on google, you’d most likely have it created for a very very long time in the traffic department. That’s why you would like an SEO plugin on your blog. I cannot suggest Yoast SEO plugin enough. It’s free and it works rather well. If you wish to truly extend your data within the SEO department, you’ll continuously grab yourself a course.

5. Youtube

I haven’t tried this one personally, not really there with the idea of putting myself in front of the camera, but I have to admit – I always check out the blog if the video is good. Personally, I spend more time on Youtube than I would like to admit, and so I know that it’s actually a pretty good marketing tool. If you put some time, effort and research in your video, I’m sure it will pay off – and who knows, maybe you will go viral and change from a blogger into a vlogger! Well, in the worst case scenario, you’ll get some views out of that. 

6. Guest Posting

Guest posting could be a pretty good chance to get some exposure, especially if you score a gig on a blog that you simply love – and the maximum amount as big of ego boost this is, generally, it’s just not worth it. so that’s why my recommendation is: if you are doing this, do it for fun and maybe you’ll get some traffic during this method with a small amount of luck. If you will do it just for gain, you’ll place a lot of effort into something that may not even estimate that much in your favor. Still, it’s an excellent way to produce some backlinks to your blog, that helps you a lot along with your domain authority, so still worth it – simply it won’t pay off as quickly as you’d think it would.

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7. Twitter

I don’t have a huge following on Twitter, however, I even have just started it using it again a few months ago. I want twitter is certainly a platform to let your personality shine and share your thoughts on, even though they’re not niche related. additional natural and funny you’re, generally, I believe a lot of people can follow your account. I will return off extremely stiff there, as I’m simply not that sensible at letting it all hang around on social media, however, I believe I’m definitely obtaining there. It’s a quick and straightforward thanks to connecting and interact along with your readers, so I would definitely suggest implementing it.

8. Stumble Upon

This can extremely explode your traffic. take care although, because it’s not the sort of traffic you actually need if you want to build a loyal audience. Your bounce rate will go up (which is unhealthy – the lower the bounce rate, the better) and even if you get the views, it won’t translate to smart stats. Yes, there’s a decent chance that people truly can keep in mind and keep longer on your blog, but many people use this site only to jump from one to a different. As I said – it’s a decent traffic boost, however, it simply isn’t what you’re thinking that it’s.

9. Bloggers Recommendation

Can you imagine if somebody with a huge following would retweet or share your post? Or if you actually positioned yourself as a skilled in your niche, wrote an incredible post description something you know in and out and because of how impressive your content was a lot of people would link to it. Like I said, writing superb quality posts may generally appear wearing and a lot of effort to place. nevertheless, even if you can’t monetize on that right away – it’s all worth it. it’ll be picked up, it’ll be shared. Don’t worry. just let it sit, promote it, be proud and keep positive. Content really is king.

10. Bloglovin

Bloglovin’ is really a pretty cool place – people can subscribe to you, you’ll subscribe to people and if you link your blog to it, your posts appear on your followers feeds without you having to even publish them there. I prefer it especially to stay together all the blogs I scan and commenting and supporting different bloggers, which truly returns a touch of traffic, but I don’t really do it because of what – I mean, going by the rule “Treat others how you’d wish to be treated”, I comment on different blogs (in a constructive way) because I would love some support too. That’s why I would like to support other people. Anyway, bloglovin is a nice platform to try to that and keep tabs on the blogger community at the same time.

Hope you found this post helpful and if there’s anything else you want to ask me, feel free to leave me a comment.


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