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9 Best Free Google Keyword Planner Alternative

Keyword research is significant. It’s a necessary tactic for developing a strong content strategy, targeting pay per click advertising campaigns and improving search engine optimization.Here we Talk about Best Free Google Keyword Planner Alternative.

For many years, Google offered what was, without doubt, the most used free tool for conducting analysis on popular and not so popular keyword phrases with helpful info regarding popularity, competition and recommended variations of phrases.

The tool was actually an AdWords giving that effectively helped individuals do better AdWords planning, but it actually worked for all manner of analysis.

9 Best Free Google Keyword Planner Alternative

Recently Google set to a lot of tightly integrate the tool with AdWords and rebranded it as AdWords Planner. additionally to requiring users to log in to an AdWords account to access the tool a good deal of helpful analysis functionality has been stripped away.

While I found that it had been enough for many basic analysis it no longer serves that require very well.

Below are four free alternatives and four paid alternatives that I recommend business owners and marketers think about adding to their resource and analysis routines.


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9 Best Free Google Keyword Planner Alternative

My favorite paid options

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