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190+ High Domain Authority Niche Sites List For DoFollow Backlinks 2019

Here You Will get List For DoFollow Backlinks 2019, So lets Start

In order to stand out higher Google search engine rankings, a spot-on strategy is a must! the main task is to get a higher quality of content and build trustworthy DA dofollow backlinks.

The days of running spammy and low-quality backlinks are long gone. moreover, Google has additionally stopped updating the public Toolbar PageRank.

So now, the question is: What will we do?

190+High Domain Authority Niche Sites List For DoFollow Backlinks 2019

Well, there are many nice choices open yet, among one is to boost a website’s ranking by rising its TrustRank.

As to improve the TrustRank, it wouldn’t be wrong if I recommend you to require the chance to completely utilize the social media platforms. I bet that in the name of social media, most of you’re completely relying on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

But guess what? there’s a lot of to it!

A massive List For DoFollow Backlinks high DA (Domain Authority) sites with a DA rank of regarding 50-90 is waiting for you to come back and hang up your web site links onto them.

Surprising, isn’t it?

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Today, you’re about to explore free dofollow backlinks sites that are open to accepting a guest post submission on their platform. Look the websites for your niche that has Domain Authority of 30+ and a lot of and increase your Domain’s Trust.

List For DoFollow Backlinks 2019

1. Blogging / Marketing – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. Content Marketing Institute: Submission guidelines
  2. HubSpot: Submission guidelines
  3. Outbrain: Guest post guidelines
  4. Copyblogger: Submit a guest post
  5. Smashing Magazine: Guest post guidelines
  6. Inc42: Contact for a guest post
  7. YourStory: Submit guest post
  8. Daily Blog Tips: Submit Guest Post
  9. InBound: Read guidelines before submitting
  10. Kissmetrics: Submission guidelines
  11. The Huffington Post: Submission guidelines
  12. The Sits GirlsHow to submit
  13. The Write Life: Submit freelancing, marketing, publishing, and blogging post
  14. Inspiration2Feed: Submit guest post
  15. Marketing Profs: Submit guest post
  16. Small Biz Trends: Submit guest post
  17. TheBloggingBuddha: Write for us
  18. BloggingFromParadise: Write for us
  19. ShermanSmithBlog: Contact link
  20. YourPFPro: Guest Blogging
  21. EnstineMuki: Connect with Enstine
  22. AhaNow: Write for AhaNow
  23. AllBloggingTips: Guest post
  24. MostlyBlogging: Write for MostlyBlogging
  25. Robert-Corrigan: Send your pitch
  26. ElnaCain: Contact Elna
  27. InternetMarketingBlog101Contribute your best work
  28. MoneyGossipsContact for guest post submission
  29. GoBloggingTipsWrite for GBT
  30. BeAMoneyBloggerContribute your guest post
  31. BloggingDen:  Write for BD
  32. MyQuickIdea: Guest post contribution
  33. WordingWellWrite for WW
  34. GrowMapGuest Post Guidelines
  35. IntenseBlogWrite for us
  36. BloggingTips: Contact for submissions
  37. KikolaniGuest blogging
  38. FamousBloggersSubmit your article
  39. BloggingBasics101: Send your post pitch
  40. ProWritingAidGuest blogging

2. BlockChain/Bitcoin – High Domain Authority Blogs Niche

  1. CointelegraphSubmit a Story Idea
  2. BitcoinChaserWrite for us
  3. E27Write for us
  4. BlockgeeksApply to be a Content contributor
  5. Inc42Submit your Guest post
  6. UnblockSubmit post guidelines
  7. Buy Bitcoin WorldwideSponsored post
  8. CCNSubmit a Sponsored story
  9. BitcoinistSubmit sponsored articles
  10. CoinJournalShare your pitch
  11. CoinReportPitch your tip
  12. CoinNoobSubmit Press release
  13. CryptoCoinUpdatesSubmit Guest post
  14. CoinSpectatorPitch your tip
  15. LetsTalkBitcoinContent Submission Guidelines
  16. BraveNewCoinSubmit your Event
  17. CoinSpeakerWriters and Guest Contributors
  18. BitcoinMagazineContribute your post

3. Technology – High Domain Authority Blogs & Websites Niche

  1. ReadWriteSubmit Guest Post
  2. iAmWireGuest Contribution Guidelines
  3. TechWyseSubmit guest post
  4. TGDailyShare your Story
  5. TechCrunchShare your Tip
  6. EngadgetSend your Tip
  7. GizmodoContent Guidelines
  8. AllTechTrixGuest Posting

4. SEO – High DA Blogging Websites Niche

  1. SEO Review ToolsSubmit a Guest Post
  2. MondovoSubmit Guest Post on Mondovo
  3. MySiteAuditorContribute for MySiteAuditor
  4. LocalSEOChecklistGuest post guidelines
  5. SEOMatorSend SEO pitch
  6. ResultFirstSubmit a sponsored post
  7. CoronationimWrite for Coronationim
  8. RankpayGuest posting guidelines
  9. SupremacySEOContent writers needed
  10. SEOPlusGuest post requirements
  11. SEOTechyWorldSend post titles
  12. 99SignalsContact 99signals
  13. PageOnePower: Submit your post

5. Social Media – High DA Blogs Sites Niche

  1. Social Media Today: Contribute Guest Post
  2. Social Media Examiner: Submit Guest Post
  3. TheSitsGirls: Guest post for TheSitsGirls

6. Designing – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. OnextrapixelPitch your designing idea
  2.  WebDesignLedgerGuest post submission guidelines
  3. WebAndDesignersContribute your work
  4. SkyjeSubmit Guest Post

7. Parenting – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. Scary MommyWrite for ScaryMommy
  2. BounceBackParentingContact Us
  3. MamaSmilesContact MaryAnne
  4. MomentsadayConnect with Chelsea

8. Food – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. GreatistSend a Pitch
  2. FoodTankSubmit guest post
  3. SustainableFoodTrustBe an author
  4. NewFoodEconomyBe a volunteer
  5. FoodSense: Send a post-pitch
  6. FoodMattersWrite for Foodmatters
  7. PasteMagazineWrite for paste food
  8. NakedFoodMagazineSubmit post for Food magazine
  9. G’Day ChefWrite for G’day Chef
  10. BostonFoodTruckBlogBe a food truck guest blogger
  11. SeriousSeatsPitch a food article
  12. DinnerPlannerWrite for dinner planner
  13. ToastTabWrite for toasttab
  14. NYCfoodpolicySubmission guidelines
  15. OrganicDailyPostContribute your post
  16. FoodnHealthGuest post guidelines
  17. FoodStuffMallSubmit the guest post


9. Travel – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. TimesOfIndiaSubmit travel stories
  2. TheTravelManuelSubmit guest post
  3. FundMyTravelGuest post guidelines
  4. TravelFreeGuest post requirements
  5. TravelsWithDarleySend travel pitch
  6. ShesWanderfulShare travel stories
  7. 365TicketsPublish a guest post
  8. OpodoWrite for Opodo
  9. TravelistaPublish your work
  10. WowTravelBecome a featured contributor

10. Health and Fitness – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. HealthFundaa: Contribute
  2. FitnessMagazineSubmit fitness tip
  3. FitnessAndPowerSend a pitch
  4. GymVenturesWrite for gymventures
  5. WillPowerMethodWrite for willpowermethod
  6. BreakingMuscleSubmit guest post
  7. Twisted.FitnessWrite about fitness
  8. FitnessMentorsSubmit fitness post
  9. OwnYourFitnessSubmit guest post
  10. ManVsWeightFitness post guidelines
  11. DrWorkout.FitnessSubmit health related post

11. Lifestyle – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. LetsReachSuccessWrite to us
  2. 99PercentLifestyleGuest post
  3. PracticalRadiologySubmit guest post
  4. DashofWellnessBe A Contributor
  5. ModernLifeBlogsBlog post guidelines
  6. HelloVancitySend blog pitch
  7. SoberistasContribute your work
  8. HbculifestyleGuest Blogging Guidelines
  9. Aha-NowWrite guest post
  10. MindBodyGreenSubmit a post
  11. TitanfxBe a guest author
  12. SweetSyleBlogContribute your work
  13. EverythingMomGuest blogging opportunity
  14. EverydayFamilyWrite guest post
  15. VkoolGuest post contributor
  16. MenStyleFashionGuest post rules
  17. FearlessMenBlog post submission
  18. AspirantsgBe a guest blogger
  19. SavorTheSuccessGet featured as an author
  20. TheWindySidePitch an idea
  21. FlawlessMilanoSubmit your post
  22. OutlishContribute your work
  23. TheMaleStromWrite a guest post
  24. WildishJessSubmit travel or lifestyle stories
  25. YourJourneeSubmit health & lifestyle post
  26. ModernLifeBlogsGuest post submission
  27. TheSouthAfricanSubmit a blog post
  28. WideOpenCountry: Guest post guidelines
  29. WorldRadio: Be a contributor
  30. LifeStyleTravelKitContact to submit post
  31. TravelingLifestyleGuest post requirements
  32. YuppeeContribute your work
  33. CelebriciousSend a pitch

12. News & Media – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. TheHansIndiaAdvertise with us
  2. NewsWireWrite an Article | List Your Business
  3. The PioneerAdvertise here
  4. RocketNewsNews Posting Service

13. WordPress Themes and Plugins – High DA Blogs Niche

  1. Colorlib: Creative Article Requirement
  2. ThemeIsle: Write for us
  3. WPKube: Write for us
  4. 87studios: Guest post guidelines
  5. WPWarfare: Freelance writers needed
  6. TemplateMonster: Become an author
  7. MyThemeShop: Guest posting
  8. Themient: Contribute
  9. WParena: Write for us
  10. WPbeginnerSend a pitch
  11.  Freakify: Send your WordPress pitch

14. APP/Product/Service Review – High DA Blogs

  1. NeuroGadgetSponsored post
  2. AppticlesGuest post guidelines
  3. Apps400Contribute
  4. AppStoreAppsWrite for us
  5. iPadAppsReviewerBecome a guest author
  6. AndroidbGuest contributer
  7. TechieAppsGuest blog submission
  8. Android-AppsSubmit guest post
  9. Top5ReviewedWrite for us
  10. ReviewGeekFreelance Product Review Writer
  11. PagodaSSubmit a product review

Do you run a blog supported any niche lined during this article? need your website to be featured here?

If you’re thinking that your website deserves to be lined during this list, please send us an email or comment below.

PS – I’ll keep updating this list supported the websites I discovered with time. bookmark the post to trace them. 🙂

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