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Which Is The Best Blogging Platform to Start With in 2019

If you Plan to start blogging and you stuck with this question then you’re in the right place. Get Over with your question.

In this guide, I will help you to choose right Blogging Platform.

All the blogging platforms listed below allow you to do the most important things – writing and publishing. however once sorting out the proper blogging platform to use, you’ll additionally have to be compelled to notice one that:

  • Lets you customize the look to match your personality.
  • You can add your own brand.
  • Lets you use a custom domain name.
  • Lets your readers subscribe to blog updates.
  • Lets you add Google AdSense codes so you’ll be able to make money.
  • Offers social media sharing and subscription choices.

These are some of the main factors that we can’t ignore. There are many free blogging platform and sites available but they don’t offer an all-important feature that would let you drive traffic and make an income.

Many New bloggers make the mistake of choosing the wrong blogging site and later regretting it. That’s why in this guide, I try to help you to not make such mistakes.

Check this Before Choosing the Best Blogging Platform To Start with?

  • Design: The blogging platform should provide numerous style choices that you just can simply use on your blog. depending on the niche you’re getting into, it should provide a style compatible for your demand. Also, the customization of style should be easy.
  • Features extension: each web blog sites come with several in-built features. However, there should be a choice to simply integrate third-party tools and scripts on your web blog. without these necessary features, your web blog can get stuck at the later stage.
  • Easy learning curve: The platform should be simple for anyone (despite the age) to learn a way to use the platform.
  • Support: Wherever would go if you have got an easy question about your platform? this can be wherever the support comes into the image. a number of the platforms (listed below) have a thriving community that is always willing to assist newbies.
  • Blogging from mobile: The platform should allow you to blog from mobile. As a lot of people prefer to write or blog when we are traveling. This might not be a big demand for a business blog, however, it’s still an important issue. even if you not going to blog from mobile, you’ll do numerous activities like moderate blog comments, reply to comments, upload footage from the comfort of your mobile.

Apart from the points listed above, one other necessary issue to think about is however usually the platform is updated. Is it up-to-date with all the newest trends and technological advancements?

Four years back it absolutely was not necessary to own a blog that was mobile-friendly. Quick forward 4 years and everyone blogs should be mobile-friendly instead we are going to lose tons of traffic. however mobile-friendliness isn’t only for readers, it’s also for us… Let’s say you’re traveling and a decent thought comes into your mind. Now you’ll whip out your smartphone and blog about it!


So in this article, we’re going to talk about the following:

  1. WordPress.org
  2. WordPress.com
  3. BlogSpot by Google
  4. Medium.com

There are some different platforms out there like Weebly and Squarespace that you may notice listed on the online because the “best blogging platforms”, however, they’re not. they’re a lot of website builders that, while good, are not ideal for blogging.

The best blogging platforms are the four listed above.

Alrighty, let’s move and look at what these popular blogging platforms got to offer and what they’re lacking.

Personal Guide To Selecting The Best Blogging Platform:


 1. WordPress.org (Self-hosted WordPress platform) 

WordPress is the most popular platform for launching a blog.

They offer two versions :

  1. WordPress.org
  2. WordPress.com

We’ll talk about WordPress.com in a very minute, however, you would like to know that WordPress.org is what a lot of website owners within the world are using.

More than 34.3% of the websites in the world are powered by #WordPress. That’s Awesome!

The reason why WordPress.org is so popular is as a result of it simply provides you complete management of your web site.

It’s open-source software and is updated every few months to keep giving its users all the latest new features.

They also have a mobile app that lets you blog from your mobile phone – you can upload images, write posts, and reply to comments.

What I really like about this platform is the ease of use. Anyone can start a blog in literally minutes.

For example, you can choose the starter package from hosting and pick a domain name.

It’s also simply really convenient to begin writing and customise your blog’s structure. They also provide app for mobile, Mac, Windows, Linux that makes it easier for you to manage your blog.

And unlike several of the other platforms out there, since you create this blog on your own hosting server, you also become way more than a blogger. you’re not simply the pilot of the plane but also the owner of the plane.

You don’t have to worry regarding some competitor incorrectly complaining to your blogging service and getting your blog deleted (these things happen).

But if you’re not really wanting to make your blog popular or make cash from blogging (like through Google AdSense), then you don’t actually need this platform. you’ll be able to start on a free platform and move to this one if/when you’re prepared.


WordPress allows you to choose a style from thousands of themes that make it easier for you to get an expert style. as an example, Astra theme comes in-built with a lot of pre-defined templates. you’ll be able to also use the drag and drop customizer to customize the theme according to your want.

But, if you are serious about being a blogger, then WordPress.org is the platform you need.


 2. WordPress.com (Easier to use than WP.org but comes with limitations) 

As I told you, WordPress offers two versions, and WordPress.com is the other one.

If you’re still hesitating on using WordPress.org, I like to recommend you go ahead and build your blog on WordPress.com. This provides you the chance to use WordPress while not spending a dime (WordPress.org is free to use, however you’ll still need to purchase hosting and a domain).

WordPress.com can assist you to get used to the WordPress platform. you may learn things like how to write a blog post, how to moderate comments and the way to manage the dashboard.

WordPress.com is also helpful once you are not sure regarding your domain name.

Usually, once we start, we use a name that we think is helpful, on the other hand, we understand how bad it is.

Well, we all create such silly mistakes within the first few days of blogging, and such free platforms make sure that these mistakes don’t have an effect on our pockets.

WordPress.com offers a free domain name like yourname.WordPress.com, and if you wish, you’ll be able to also upgrade to a “real” name (custom domain name) like domain.com for a  little bit of cash.

There are additional paid features offered on WordPress.com which increase its capabilities, but as I discussed earlier, if you wish to use “premium” options, it’s better and cheaper to go with WordPress.org.

 3. BlogSpot by Google (Free and a decent alternative to WordPress) 


For people who need to test the sweetness of blogging, BlogSpot is another nice platform that you simply will use for free of charge. this is a Google platform, and as such, the design here is totally totally different than WordPress.

But, in general, blogging on BlogSpot is easy and newbie-friendly.

If you check out the Google Trends chart, you’ll clearly see how the popularity of BlogSpot has declined within the past five years.

BlogSpot offers a mobile app that allows you to do all the publishing and management tasks from your mobile phone. However, the app isn’t upgraded as usually because it should be.

One thing that you simply can like regarding BlogSpot is you can monetize your blog however you would like (AdSense, Amazon Associates, sponsored posts, direct ads, etc.).

I wont to recommend BlogSpot to people, but despite it being a decent platform, in recent years it’s fallen into disarray. If you’re trying to find a free platform to launch your blog, you must explore WordPress.com or Medium.com.


 4. Medium (Great for publishing, but no monetization option) 

Medium.com may be a fantastic blogging platform that’s made for writing and reading. If your goal is simply to write, and you don’t care much regarding personalization, customization, and/or creating cash, then Medium is for you.

Launched in 2012, the platform offers a minimalistic layout, and it’s extremely a treat to read and write on Medium. I sometimes reshare my content from TechSkhan.com on Medium for additional traffic.

As a free blogging platform, Medium.com is solid. They even have a mobile app that is simply as intuitive as their web platform.

Medium is great, but you can’t use it to make money.

However, for entrepreneurs or business owners who aren’t curious about monetizing their blog and are simply searching for a platform to easily write and be heard, Medium.com may be a solid choice.


Conclusion: Which Blogging Platform To Choose?

Here are my recommendations:

  1. WordPress.org: this is the clear winner. It’s the foremost utilized in the planet, it’s frequently updated with new features, it has a mobile app, and there are not any restrictions.
  2. WordPress.com: If you would like to experience the power of WordPress but are hesitant about going all-in, selectWordPress.com.
  3. Medium: For a free platform that permits you to simply write, Medium.com is that the most suitable option.
  4. BlogSpot: If all else fails, choose BlogSpot.
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